A Shoot in the Tiny Kitchen


A short while ago, there was a video shoot in my kitchen. You may have heard me mention (or heard my imagined voice as you read my mention of it) that it is a very tiny kitchen here at our house. Really, a very tiny house, overall, so the crew had to jam in, with one of the cameramen relegated to life in my (generally very cluttered) pantry for hours. I thought I’d share the photos while we wait for the video (which I will post here as soon as it’s ready for posting).


Here’s Aaron, an incredibly patient person and phenomenal cameraman. Even while stuck in a closet-sized pantry for 6 hours.


This is the movie magic version of my kitchen. That’s a LOT of magic, I can assure you.


Uh, yeah, that’s the reality of my kitchen and living room. Magic-less. The director, Jan Maliszewski, is standing with his back to my front door to shoot this photo. My all-around amazing production friend (grip, gaffer, animator, editor, you-name-it), Brian, is in the foreground, Michael the soundman is on the couch, and my stellar producer friend Mary is on the right. You might recognize Aaron – and his proximity to the pantry – from the photo a couple above this one.


Here’s the monitor that Jan and Mary watched in the corner of the living room right up against the cellar door (note the 2 chairs in the above photo with the crew – that’s where Jan and Mary sat for 6 hours. Comfy. Or not. Boy, are they good friends.)


Here’s me, with movie magic applied. You saw what Jan and Aaron’s lighting did for my kitchen, right?

Jan Maliszewski took all of the photos in this post (you might imagine it would be difficult for me to shoot these pictures myself). He and his amazing crew (Aaron and Michael) from DGA Productions shot the video, and were a huge pleasure to work with. In fact, I’m not sure “huge” is superlative enough. Enormous, ginormous, gargantuan. All still inadequate. I hope you get the idea. Brian ran camera one on the shoot day, and cut the video together (wow – seriously amazing job – you’ll see), and Mary provided moral support, direction, and general comfort, though she is, in addition to provider of all those things, a kick-arse producer. An enormous thanks to them all.

4 Comments to A Shoot in the Tiny Kitchen

  1. dan says:

    Very cool. I’m trying to imagine this happening in my kitchen. I think we’d have to unplug the fridge and make someone crouch in there …

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Dan,
    Haha! I’ll bet Aaron is thanking his lucky stars that he hasn’t been summoned to your house to shoot from the cameraman-refrigerator-capsule-thingy. I feel much better about the pantry option now. Of course, if our refrigerator was actually IN the kitchen, he might have found himself in a near-fetal position inside it! You should have someone shoot you waffling, though, shouldn’t you? And by “shoot”, I mean “film”, of course. There are already enough variables in waffling non-waffles that adding gunfire to the mix would be, well, silly.

    Take care,

  3. Aimee says:

    What fun! I can’t imagine the work that goes into a project like this. Your place sure shows up great though.

    Looking forward to the vid.

  4. Jenious says:

    You look gorgeous, lady! Must have been an exciting and exhausting day. Can’t wait to hear more. Thanks for sharing the behind-the-scenes action. I think folks would need to hang from the ceiling to film our kitchen!

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