Wordless Friday: Eggs in an Oak Leaf-shaped Day-old Brioche Nest

Wordless Friday doesn’t really work, does it? I apologize. I’m trying to force my wordless whim on you, and now, here I am, talking. Or typing. But definitely not being wordless.

Still, that’s an awful lot of photos of an egg in some bread, isn’t it? Hopefully this impresses upon you how ridiculously good eggs in a nest is. Especially with buttered, toasted brioche.

To be quite quick about the instructions, as you and I both know it’s easy enough to make eggs in a nest, and you certainly don’t need a completely written-out recipe for it, using your favorite fall-themed cookie cutter, cut a hole in your day-old brioche (of course, you’d never be so silly as to spend full price for bread that you’re only going to slather in butter and then toast, I know, but I thought I’d mention just one additional time that it’s advisable to use day-old because it’s less expensive, but if you can’t find day-old brioche, by all means, go with baked-that-day bread). If you don’t have a fall-themed cookie cutter, you could use a round cookie cutter. Or a square cookie cutter. Or a well-cleaned 15-ounce can.

Melt salted sweet cream butter in a non-stick skillet. Toast the less attractive side of the bread first, then flip it over, crack an egg – preferably farm fresh if you’ve got ‘em – into the hole in the middle of the bread, and cook on medium-low heat until the egg is set/cooked to your desired doneness.

Be sure to toast the cut-outs in your pan as well, and load them up with spoonfuls of your favorite jam. In our case, we went with Sunchowder’s Emporia Strawberry Daiquiri jam. JR even had some jam straight from the spoon at the end of his nested egg meal. And then proceeded to make himself another egg in a nest. It’s just that good.

8 Comments to Wordless Friday: Eggs in an Oak Leaf-shaped Day-old Brioche Nest

  1. AlyciAmore says:

    I am starving and this looks amazing. I always loved Eggs in a nest, or sometimes referred to as Eggs in a basket. But this Brioche is a nice grown up alternative that I will Have to try!

  2. Alanna Kellogg says:

    That’s what we call ‘gashouse eggs‘ but there are dozens of names, all listed in the link.

    But with brioche? I’m trembling …

  3. Edana says:

    We always called it “bite a hole in the toast.” See, we’d take a piece of bread, and butter both sides, fold it in half, take a BIG bite out of the middle so there was a hole in it…then fry it with an egg. We used to joke that it was the only thing my grandfather could cook.

    (Huh, bite a hole in the toast isn’t on Alanna’s list! I feel original.)

  4. Angry Asian says:

    oh how i adore eggs in a nest and nestled in brioche bread? hmmm..

    your pix are adorable!

  5. dan says:

    This looks wonderful. Clearly what I should have had for breakfast this morning.

  6. Michelle says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never tried these before. Now that I finally have a non-stick skillet again I think I’ll give them a go next Saturday morning.

  7. Erika says:

    Yum, yum, yum. I can’t wait to make this for my boyfriend this weekend. Breakfast is a big deal, and this looks super delish.

  8. Lindsay @ The Ketchup Diaries says:

    Want to know why you’re great? Because you have a category for chourico :) High-five Southeastern, MA!

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