Tiny Farmhouse Friday: Standing Your Ground Regarding Pig Mud Pits

A few weeks ago, my brother asked me if we’d be making mud pits for Prudence and Rebecca.

My answer went something like this, “Hell no. If it rains, fine, they can make a mud pit. But I don’t think we’ll be making any mud pits for them.”

What I should have said, had I thought carefully about the question was, “Welllllllll…it really depends. You know, on what Prudence wants.”

Because Prudence knows that I have a special place for her in my heart (please acquaint yourself with pig surgery lest you doubt).

Each day, when I dole out the fruit and vegetable compost that our local Whole Foods provides to feed the girls, I make certain that Prudence gets at least as much fruit (okay, sometimes more) than Rebecca the Food Bully, and have been known to hand-feed her fennel and mango peels if Rebecca is being particularly stubborn around the trough.

Prudence loves fennel and mango, by the way. Bananas, too.

So when Prudence starts grunting at me and eyeballing the hose that is tethered to the pig meadow gate, yet she does not avail herself of the drinking water….wellllllllll, I know what she wants, and gosh darn it, she’s going to have it.

not to fret: we changed the drinking water and made it clean. right after making the mud pit.


This pig, who, I will remind you, is a white pig with black spots, is the boss of me.

9 Comments to Tiny Farmhouse Friday: Standing Your Ground Regarding Pig Mud Pits

  1. White pig with black spots, ha ha ha.

    Boss of you, even funnier.

    Poor Amy and JR.

    • Amy says:

      And, Kitty, that wasn’t even at her most muddy. Later the same day, she walked out of the sow shack (um, into the pig meadow, for everything has a ridiculous nickname here) at one point and only her eyes and the holes in her snout were not mud brown. Prudence loves herself a mud pit, let me tell you!

  2. Ann says:

    Never say never!

    By the way, I’m going to be in the Providence area soon? Any foodie destinations I shouldn’t miss while there?

  3. Paula says:

    Loved this post and love that you will do anything to make Prudence happy.

  4. Maryl says:

    I saw something today while I was out running – a portable chicken coop. No lie! I had to stop to take a gander. It’s in someone’s back yard and apparently they just lift up the one end and wheel it to a new location whenever it’s time!

    • Amy says:

      Maryl, we have one of these!! It’s a hand-me-down from our neighbor, and we’ve used it for our hens as temporary housing. It had been languishing by the potato patch, but JR decided that the new boar we just picked up will live in it once it’s been modified slightly! They’re pretty cool, aren’t they?!

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