A Leap-Day Leap

There’s been a lot going on on our little farm this winter, and today, on Leap Day, I’ve taken the leap and launched a farm-centric blog.

I’ll still be posting here, because there’s still lots of inexpensive delicious food to discuss, though I’m really excited to start sharing more of the farm madness with you there.

Where is there, you ask? Well, hey, thanks for asking!

It’s Tiny Farmhouse. Please stop on by when you have a chance. There will be chickens, and turkeys, and pigs (and videos of pigs!), and bees, and a garden, and recipes, and tales of woe and – with luck and good farming practice – hopefully tales of success, too.

Thank you!

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  1. Yay! I love farm-centric blogs. Your place looks BEAUTIFUL, congrats!

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