Talking Book and Sharing Food with the Crew at Fox 25 News

For those of you not in the Boston area, or those of you in the Boston area who might not have seen this live, I figured I’d post the video of my interview with Maria Stephanos of Fox 25 News here, and just let the video do the talking.

Many thanks to news producer, and fellow food blogger, Kim Bingham (@kimmybingham) for asking me to be on their newscast, to executive producer Paige Tatum (@ptstweets) for agreeing to Kim’s suggestion, and to Maria Stephanos (@mariastephanos) for putting me at ease, for the extremely fun interview, and for fixing my make-up (girlfriend over here needs some help with the beauty products – my high school-era mad make-up skills (uh, yeah, those were the 80s – you can only imagine what make-up went with my 3-foot wide and tall hair, right?) seem to have gone out the window). Thank you also to the entire crew at Fox 25 (@fox25news) – it was a pleasure to meet you all and share some food.

4 Comments to Talking Book and Sharing Food with the Crew at Fox 25 News

  1. Mrs. G. says:

    Congratulations! You look lovely and at ease!

  2. Great interview! How do you keep yourself so breezy?

  3. Rodney North says:

    I feel like I’ve met you now. I look forward to meeting you for real tomorrow before the roasting tour.

  4. MichaelBorum says:

    AMY! This is so fantastic–and it was on my birthday, too! We were in Italy, so remind me to tell you about it sometime. Driving past fields of sunflowers in Tuscany we thought of you. SO HAPPY the book and blog are doing well. xoxoxo

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