Happy 2015

Happy-2015-well-lit-path | tiny farmhouse

Hi there! As we start the new year, I want to thank you for visiting me here, and wish you a year filled with love, joy, and plenty.

May the seeds you sow bloom beautifully, may all your meals be delicious (even those on the run – after all, we’re going for the ideal here!). May your days be filled with work you enjoy and when not working, may they be filled with fun, good friends, and time with those you love.

Happy-2015-sunshine-garden | tiny farmhouse

And may both the big and the little things in life bring you great joy.

Happy-2015-simple-thing | tiny farmhouse

Happy 2015 to you!

4 Comments to Happy 2015

  1. And a happy 2015 to you! :D

  2. Love your pictures, look forward to new recipes and stories in 2015, kristin says:

    Love the pictures, can’t wait for new things to come. Kristin

    • Amy says:

      Hi Kristin, Thank you! I hope that your 2015 is going swimmingly so far and that good things are coming your way! We’re starting to REALLY (urgently!) look forward to spring, though aside from the crazy snowy weather, all is good! :)

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